Friday, April 28, 2017

Ad Layout

I was in charge of the advertisement aspect of the campaign for our identity, Chakra Yoga Studio. My idea for the add was to go out to a local area in St. George and capture an image that could be used as the main focus and highlight of my add. My finished product ended up being taken at the sand dunes of Snow Canyon state park, using my little sister as a model. Since I went to shoot before the logo design was complete, I had her pose in several different popular yoga poses and in various locations throughout the park so that I had enough to work with. Although I favored other photos more, I ended up deciding to use the photo that best matched our campaign logo. The photo itself contains many different visual components. The horizontal lines in the image create a fundamental sense of rest and repose while creating visual space and designation of the different landscapes: sand, canyons, and sky. While the canyons on each side of the image are similar in their form and create a balance, there is a distinct contrast created by the shadow on the canyon on the right, and lack of shadow on the left. As you can see from the other unedited photos, the initial color of images were warm toned and did not match the color scheme used throughout rest of our campaign. I used a photo filter called "Fade" to change the color of the image to cool tones, to emphasize the grey and blue gradient sky, and to create similarity with my add and the rest of the campaign. I wanted to have as much negative space as possible in my add, as opposed to an add full of different distracting components. I accomplished this by keeping my model in the bottom third center of the image and keeping the text limited and to the edges of the photo, occupying a small amount of positive space in relation to the large amount of negative space occupied by the vast sky. There is also contrast within the different textures present in my image most prominently in the soft texture of the sand and sky, and the rough texture of the canyons. I used our design logo to incorporate even more Gestalt principles into my ad. I used proximity and the law of pragnanz to make the figure of our logo become identifiably one with the model and the distinct yoga pose. Lastly, I tried to emphasize the law of continuity with the use of similar text fonts and colors throughout my add and connecting the words "spiritual flow" with the overall theme, layout, and components of my add and campaign. 

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